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Sign2Me offers the best American Sign Language (ASL) based Baby Sign Language and Early Learning products to help you get started quickly and easily with Baby Sign Language!


Sign2Me Early Learning offers quality award winning American Sign Language and Early Learning tools for parents, teachers and children of all ages for over 27 years


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The Sign2Me Instructor's Network is a group of instructors coordinated and supported by Sign2Me for the purpose of raising awareness about the benefits of using ASL signs with preverbal infants. The Sign2Me Instructor's Network is a community of qualified individuals who provide classes, workshops or consultative services for families, caregivers, and childcare providers. Instructors help share the benefits of signing while earning money as independent business owners through class fees and product sales. The Northlight Childcare Advantage Program is designed for childcare centers who wish to provide the benefits of an ASL based early learning curriculum to their students. Learn more...

The Sign2Me Instructors' Network and Northlight Childcare Advantage Program (NCAP) are comprised of a diverse group of individuals – signing parents, educators, Speech-Language professionals, ASL Interpreters, native ASL users, medical practitioners, childcare providers, and many others – primarily throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. These individuals have been responsible for introducing and mentoring tens of thousands of parents, caregivers, and other professionals since the Instructors' Network was established over ten years ago.

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